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With many years of experiences in process management area, Compita Japan provides the trainings, assessments and consultings on IT processes and process management based on international standards and best practices.

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Training and Assessor qualification

To be able to improve your business continuously by establishing a process improvement environment in your company, we offer various training for your assessors, process groupes as well as engineers.

Rich training menu

We are providing various trainings for useful models such as CMMI, Automotive SPICE, TMMi, etc., we are also providing skill up trainings such as Process establishment, Process improvement management, Quality assurance, Configuration management and others. Customization for these trainings is available according to your needs.

Fulfilling training contents

Facilitate correct understanding of the model, train practical assessment method compliant with International Standards. We also provide assessor refresher training and coaching for practical assessment.

Assessor/Lead assessor qualification and registration

The PPA (Process Professional Assessment) has qualification system for Assessors / Lead Assessors. Those who attend the required training course and successfully pass the exam are registered in the 'PPA Register' and can become qualified Assessors / Lead assessors by gaining assessment experiences. Refer to the section "Assessment" for what is PPA, and refer to 'Steps to Assessor / Lead Assessor' for qualification.

In addition, PPA supports to maintain and improve assessor skills and for qualification recovery.
For those who wish to register for intacs™, please take an intacs™ accredited course. Compita Japan supports those who aim to acquire qualifications in both PPA and intacs schemes.


There are mainly two objectives with assessment. One is for process improvement (PI) and another is process capabirity determination (PCD). Assessment for PCD is used for the risk evaluation of potential suplyer to facilitate risk mitigation. On the other hand, assessment for PI is used to elicit improvement opprtunities of processes to get success with business of the organization. PI and PCD contribute each other. There are some types of methods with assessment from gap assessment to formal assessment.

Process Professional Assessment method (PPA) is a "documented assessment process" required by ISO/IEC 15504-2 / 33002. (Ref. ISO / IEC 33002 4.1)
The PPA originates from an assessment method developed by Compita along with the UK Ministry of Defense and related companies and is maintained by Compita to enable assessments in accordance with SEI's CAF/ARC and ISO/IEC 15504 / 33k.
PPA guides assessmwent implementation precisely with the models such as CMM, CMMI, ISO/IEC 15504 / 33k models and others.
Of course, PPA can be tailored and used for Automotive SPICE assessment according to the requirements of OEMs including Automotive SPICE guideline (if required).

Assessment results are registered and managed under PPA Register.


Process management methods, techniques and tools for process estublishment, improvement and assessment which Compita cultivated over many years are organized as Process Professional Portfolio. From spot-like supports to ongoing supports throughout the program, for example, the following supports are possible according to your needs.

  • Suggestion for optimal solution suitable for your organization
  • Reliable supports from startup to achievement of effective level
  • Establishment of improvement program, Gap assessment, Road mapping, Cost benefit analysis
  • Process establishment and/or reviews
  • Process improvement program management
  • Fomal assessments

For details on how to proceed please feel free to contact us.